Let's get to
know each other

It's great to have you here!

As you now know, my name is Anaïs I am genuinely passionate about empowering women to achieve their career objectives whilst becoming the best version of themselves.
I started coaching professionals more than three years ago which I have then enjoyed a little bit more every day since!
I have worked with 150+ professionals from various backgrounds & industries and towards the same objective: live their best life through a fulfilling career.

I am here to help you identify what really motivates you and to help you build a career that is fulfilling, aligned with your personal life and your values. Trust me, there is no better feeling than knowing why you are waking up every morning.


Here are the foundations of our work together

Structured approach

From the first discovery session to the full coaching programme, each session will be structured and facilitated following a specific methodology.

Supportive environment

As a coach, I will be here to support you all the way from the identification of your objectives, defining the approach that you want to take to ensure that you’re progressing towards your goals.

Relevant & personalised

Each session will be tailored to your objectives and needs with the support of relevant exercises and tools to ensure that you make the most out of the coaching programme.

My objectives for you:


On your true aspirations


To take action & push yourself


Of your goals & objectives