Looking to build a fulfilling career that enables you to thrive to your true potential?

At Her Code, we’ve made it our mission to empower you to become the best version of yourself
by building the career you truly deserve and crave.  
In order to be that way, you need to
uncover your true aspirations whilst benefiting from a structured process to guide you through. 

The problem is that challenges like lack of time, self-confidence issues, or unpleasant work experiences can get in your way,
leaving you feeling confused and unsure about how to progress your career next.

We believe that
life is too short to feel unfulfilled at work and that’s why we offer services based on your needs so you no longer have to feel stuck anymore.

Here's how we can work together:

4-week career change

This self-study course is for you if you need help to change role ASAP. Expect to finish the course with a complete set of tools to support your search.

8-week career pivot

Available self-study or through group coaching. For you if you're considering different career options & need help moving forward with one.

12-week career transition

Our signature 1-1 coaching course empowers you to truly thrive career-wise. If you don't know where to start but need a career change, this is for you!


How do I know career coaching is what I need?

If you're seriously considering building a fulfilling career, here's the ONE question you need to ask yourself: am I ready to invest myself fully in this process?

As I would say to my clients: what you put in -in terms of efforts & commitment-, is what you'll get out. 
Through career coaching, you can expect to achieve your objectives faster than if you were working alone. And more importantly: you can expect to work on your mindset and be equipped with tools & routines that will last you for the rest of your working life (and personal life!).

As a Career Coach, my role is to help you identify what really motivates you and to help you build a career that is fulfilling, aligned with your personal life and your values.

Trust me, there is no better feeling than knowing why you are waking up every morning.

You don’t have to be confused anymore about your career next steps

You will gain confidence

Each course includes specific exercises to work on mindset 

• You'll be able to measure your progress week by week

You will have structure

• A weekly step-by-step approach for each course

• Worksheets to complete to reflect & assess progress

You will move forward

100% clarity on your career objectives & your next steps 
Clear action plan to help you move forward